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  • Compazo Concrete
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • A composite material made from stone, resin and color pigments.
  • Compazo uses a high strength resin binder that makes a product which is much stronger
    than traditional concrete, and impervious to cracking or crazing after installation.
  • Each piece is hand crafted by artisans, finished to perfection, and made in America.
  • Cool colors that go all the way through the material
  • Sample should be used for a general guideline
  • Color variations, casting marks, and aggregate shadows will vary in each piece.
  • Exact color or texture matches cannot be guaranteed.
  • Compazo concrete is permanently coated and polished to a satin finish.
  • Unlike traditional concrete, you never have to annually re-coat with a sealer or apply wax to this surface.
  • Minor surface and color imperfections are part of the concrete patina.

Stain Resistance
The surface is impervious to common stains such as red wine, mustard, coffee, makeup, perfume,
cologne, and other household items that can typically stain counter surfaces.

Scratch and Heat Resistance
Although Compazo concrete has a tough durable surface that holds up well under normal use, we
do not recommend cutting, dragging sharp objects, or resting hot combs directly on the surface.

Care and Maintenance
Compazo concrete is easy to clean with Windex or other ammonia based cleaners.

care & maintenance

Compazo concrete has a permanent coating , there is no need
to annually apply sealers, wax or other coating products to this surface.

Use Windex or other ammonia based cleaners.
We do not recommend liquid detergents, as many of them will leave a film on the surface
that will show fingerprints and surface marks.


Use “Soft Scrub” or “Clorox Bleach” to remove tough stains.

Rust / Lime:
May be removed using commercially available specialty cleaners like “CLR” or “Duro Tub
and Sink Jelly”.

Polish Tops:
We do not recommend using a wax or furniture polish on these tops, as they will show
fingerprints and surface marks.


Avoid prolonged contact with strong chemical solvents such as paint remover or fingernail
polish remover.

Direct contact with hot combs or curling irons can damage the surface.
Use a protective hot pad to shield the area in use.

Hot water should be set in the medium range (130°F to 140°F max.)


Inspect product before installation and immediately report any damage.Compazo Inc. is
not responsible for damages incurred after installation.

  1. Test fit lavatory to cabinet for size and overhang.
  2. Remove lavatory and install faucets.
  3. Place a dab of construction adhesive or silicone on top corners of cabinet.
  4. Set lavatory firmly in place.
  5. Connect water supply to faucets.
  6. Install drain assembly using silicone.
  7. Side splashes should be test fit and then bonded to the walls with adhesive or silicone.
  8. All joints should be sealed with silicone.

Compazo Inc. warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects. We will not repair
or replace your product if damage is caused by improper installation, improper use, or
improper care and maintenance.

Compazo Inc. will at its election, repair, replace, or make appropriate adjustments where
our inspection reveals any such defects have occurred in normal usage within 1 year
from date of purchase.

This warranty does not cover any labor charges incurred during the removal or
reinstallation of this product.

This warranty applies to the original owner, when product is used in a residential
application, has been properly installed, and was not damaged due to misuse or abuse.

Implied warranties of merchantability are expressly limited in duration to the duration of
this warranty. Compazo Inc. disclaims any responsibility for consequential damages.
You may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. This is our exclusive
written warranty.

For warranty information contact:
22500 Heslip Dr.
Novi, Mich. 48375
Phone: 248-348-1930